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A Swedish study confirms the effect of parent's smoking on their male children's fertility

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

You could be effecting your children's fertility with new information from Sweden shows that you can half your sons sperm count from smoking.

We know that tobacco smoke contains many many substances that can cause mutations so one can imagine that, at the time of conception, those sperm that have undergone mutations are part of the ejaculation. This sperm can pass on genes that result in reduced sperm quality in the male children.

The study showed a 51% lower total sperm count than those with non-smoking fathers. Even after adjusting for socioeconomic factors, the association remained. Interestingly, father's smoking is also linked to a shorter reproductive lifespan in daughters.

Own your journey: this is just another reason to stop smoking. It takes approximately 90 days for new sperm to develop so wait a minimum of 3 months before trying to conceive after you quit.

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