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Why your fertility tracker might be wrong

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Getting pregnant can be challenging, and website and cell phone apps offer help to women tracking their ovulation have become popular as education tools for couples trying to get pregnant. However, a new study of 53 websites and apps shows most of these fertility trackers provide inaccurate fertile windows and thus are totally ineffective as an aid to conception.

Of the 53 websites and apps only 1 website and 3 apps accurately calculated a high fertility window. This may lead to patients having intercourse or cervical cup insemination in patterns that will not maximise their chances of conceiving. There’s a potentially high cost to getting it wrong.

Own your journey: its simple, don’t rely on just an app as an accurate method for predicting fertility. Over the counter ovulation testers are 99% accurate, easy to use and effective at showing when a woman is mostly likely to conceive in her monthly cycle.
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