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Abstinence and Sperm Quality.

When it comes to sperm, the length of abstinence can greatly effect the quality.

Shorter abstinence can be better.

When I say short I mean 5 days, no longer. It takes 5 days for the epididymis to fill fully with sperm; the epididymis is the pre ejaculatory sperm reservoir. It’s important to regularly empty the sperm reservoir. Sperm that remains longer than 5 days starts to become immotile and ineffective.

If we change it and consider a short abstinence we see it has an opposite effect but it is not completely bad. If the reservoir is emptied every 24 hours then the sperm concentration will be reduced although the sperm motility will be high. In the end it’s about striking a balance between a long and a short abstinence.

Own your journey: aim to ejaculate at a rate of 3-5 days for the best fresh sperm sample.

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