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Hi, I'm Emily. I’m going to be your Fertility Coach. I’m an experienced clinical fertility scientist or  embryologist as I’m clinically known. I’ve helped many people to conceive and I want help you. As a scientist I will only give you the most reliable information, I don't believe in old wife tales. The science of fertility has come so far and I’m excited to pass all the new information onto you. You can use it boost your natural fertility; I want to show you how. Lets start on your journey with step one.  

Right, lets get to it! How do you get pregnant using StepOne Conception Kit.

The single most important thing about conceiving is timing. If your doing right thing at the right time then you are giving yourself the best possible chance of achieving a pregnancy. Doing the right things at the right time is all positioned around the female cycle and the hormones in the cycle. We are going to give you everything you need to be successful. The main things to be aware of is ovulation (egg release), conception (fertilisation) and implantation (pregnancy). We're going to put the right technology in your hands.  

Firstly, the start of every cycle is signified by the first day of shedding of the the uterine lining or menstrual bleeding. This is when the clock starts. When the cycle begins the hormones starts to prepare the lining of the womb to except the embryo.  

A cycle may typically range form 28-30 days althoguh its not uncommon to be outside of this. aand creates different phases and different triggers that accumulate into the mensural cycle. The start of every cycle is signified by the first day of shedding of the the uterine lining or menstrual bleeding. This is when the clock starts.

While your period is happening the body is using hormones to prepare a new egg and the womb for conception, it's almost time to start testing for ovulation (egg release) at this point. When your period is finished for at least one entire day, it's time to start testing for ovulation using the StepOne Fertility Digital Reusable Ovulation Tester.


Every morning place a new test strip on the tester and perform a midstream urine test, we are looking for the LH surge which happens just before a mature egg is released. Make sure to track your results with the StepOne Fertility App for increased control and understanding. 

positive result for ovulation picture

Everything is going perfectly, when a positive result for ovulation is shown you're ready for the next stage. your ovary will soon release an egg and it will be in the folopian tube waiting for a sperm to come along and fertilise it.

So it's time to produce a sperm sample, please read the instructions carefully before you doing so, there are some small although important things that need to be done. Please, no need to rush, so take your time!

As soon as the sample has been produced simply transfer it to the cup as shown. Again take your time, please don't rush.

Vidoe/annamation of a cup being loaded

Now get yourself comfortable, we would recommend sitting up in a comfortable position on your bed or a flat area with lots of pillows behind you. When your ready, insert the device until the top reaches the cervix. Now slowly release the cup from the device and gentilaly remove the device. As you remove the device you will see a little cotton string with a plug at the end this will be left handing out so the cup and be easilay retrive when your finished. We recommend you leave the cup in for no more then 4-5 hours. this is sufficient time to allow as much sperm through the cervix as possible. The beauty of it is that you can move around as normal with out restriction, so back to normal during treatment. 


When 4-5 hours has elapsed, simply remove the cup and discard. 

The next day take the second device, only touching the coloured areas. Produce a sperm sample, transfer it to the device, get comfortable and insert and release the cup. Again keep the cup in for 4-5 hours and don't be afrade to move around. 

So you have found your specific day of egg release, you've passed as much sperm through the cervix as you can, now it's time for the wait. It will take at least four more day until we are able to pick up the hormone for a successful pregnancy. Refer to the StepOne Fertility App to see exactly when to start testing. 

Keep testing ever morning until you have a positive result, another possible outcome it that your womb lining starts to shed, you will see this as a period and unfortunately you have not been successful this month. Don't be disheartened, this also signifies the start of a new cycle and another chance of pregnancy. Wait for until at least one day after your period finishes and start testing agin for the mid stream urine test.

It can take longer then one month to be successful, we would recommend a minium  of three months so be strong, stick with it and we are here to help.

Your success is important.

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