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growing your family?

you need a plan.

throughout the summer, we're offering free 1-to-1 fertility planning sessions with an expert embryologist and fertility coach.

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What they teach us in school doesn't help. 

We spend our teenage years learning how not to get pregnant. It's not helpful when, years later, we're doing everything we can to start our families.

at home fertility treatment

We're redrawing the map: yours. 
The fertility landscape is confusing, and misinformation is everywhere. Time for a change. We've teamed up with leading fertility coaches and embryologists to offer you a free, 1-on-1 fertility planning session. 

how this works.


 Sign up for your free fertility planning session using the form below. We can only offer a limited number of sessions at this time, and it is first come, first serve. 


The Béa Team will reach out to set up a 15-minute call with you before your free session. The purpose of this call is to connect you to the right expert.


We'll book you in for your free 60-minute fertility planning session with a member of our expert team. Use this time to ask whatever you want: this is your journey. We're just helping you draw your map.


We will follow up with your custom Fertility Plan, answer any follow up questions and check in to make sure you're doing ok. 

ready? sign up here.

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The sessions have all been booked! 
Unfortunately we're only able to offer a limited number of free sessions at this time. If you signed up using the form above, we've got your details, and we'll make sure you're at the top of the list for the next time we offer a planning session. 

What happens with my data? 
Your data is completely confidential, kept and stored in line with our privacy policy. Your Fertility Plan is unique to you; you will build this plan together with the expert you are paired with. If there is something you discuss during your session with the expert that you wish to keep completely confidential (i.e., shared only verbally during the session), please let the expert know, so that they can exclude it from your written plan. 

Are the sessions virtual? 
Yes. All sessions are held over Zoom. Hopefully you won't need the mute button in this one...

Why are these sessions free? 
We're on a mission to help people start their families, building better access to the science, care and services we all have a right to. To be able to do this well, we want to learn from you. We're offering free planning sessions so that we can connect with you and learn about what you want, what you need, and how we can better support you. 

How can I get in touch? 
Drop us a line at

launching early 2022.
join the launch list.

The Small Print

 The Béa Fertility Planning Session is held with an external expert, with whom you will sign appropriate agreements. The Fertility Planning session may educate you on lifestyle, dietary, and supplement choices that may enhance overall health and fertility. The content and other materials provided to you during your Fertility Planning session are for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. If you have questions or concerns about your health or fertility, or would like more information, contact your doctor. Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health professional before starting or changing any treatment. Ultimately you assume all risk and liability regarding the use of this information.

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