We are creating the smartest home conception device in the world.


Our collaboration between clinical embryologists and medical designers allows our team to apply their vast knowledge and clinical experience to create an effective tool called Nia for concetpion at home.


It's a very exciting and we can't wait to get Nia to you. We are passionate about making fertility treatment accessible, convenient, affordable and effective in your most comfortable place.



Why it matters?

Step One Fertility's Nia will be for people trying to get pregnant, those that wish to control the timing of conception and those who are experiencing delayed conception. Step One will treat low sperm count or low motility, irregular ovulation and same sex couples.

We know it can be difficult so we are going to help you every step along your conception journey. We are going to provide you with a Fertility Coach to guild and support you through your path.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that one in seven across the world will experience problems conceiving.  Step One Fertility will provide an easy, comfortable, empowering and affordable method that gives results. 


There is so much fertility information online, we are only providing scientifically reviewed material, that's our promise. Fertility science has come so far; we want to give it to you so you can bring it home. 

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